I remember reading a short essay by Dr. Maya Angelou, where she said she is always amused when people tell her they are Christian. 

“Already?” she asks them.

At the time I first read this, I read it through the eyes of a smug, anti-Christian, anti-religionist, anti-anything-ist.

I’ve been a member of my UU congregation for more than 8 years, and it is only recently that I began to actually say the words “I’m a Unitarian Universalist.” And, as soon as I did, I heard that booming voice of Angelou, chuckling and echoing through my head and heart.


And the answer is, of course, “No, not yet.”

But I am leaning that way, more and more every day. 


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2 Responses to Already?

  1. uumom says:

    Thanks, Don. Still “not yetting” around here, but your part of the sermon yesterday surely helped. Thanks for all you do,



  2. Don Parker says:

    I love the title and I love this post in particular. As to justifying the Why, sometimes we just need to write — it’s good that you can vent in this creative way. And the “No, not yet” part — well, that’s the beauty of this belief system.



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