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I love where I work. I really do.  I love that I can read online that Donald Rumsfeld has resigned and be assured when I walk into the copy room that most anyone I meet will be as delighted by that news as I am.  The first person I tried to tell was my husband, but I got his voice mail and I left him a message then walked to the copier, got in a conversation about it, came back and found a cryptic voice mail on my phone.  It was probably cryptic because, where he works, they are all in mourning after the elections and he has to keep his voice down. 


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  1. Suz says:


    I called Deb on her cell really quickly as soon as i heard about Rumsfeld, she was at work and it was busy. Later on i just sent a text that said, “We took Montana. 50/49 ”

    After i called Deb, i called my Dad in Crown Point. I knew he’d be around, he retired from the Ford Plant in August. He is as thrilled as i am. I’m his only kid he can talk to about politics. I have no clue about my youngest brother. But the middle kid, he’s clearly out of touch with most of America, much like W. and there’s NO talking politics with him, he knows it ALL.

    It felt really good to be a part of turning the Governor blue here – Erlich to O’Malley And helping Cardin beat out Steele. Deb almost voted “I” on the Senatorial race and i babbled a bit about how giving that vote to the I and taking it from the D could help the R, etc. As we were walking out of the polling place, she told me she changed her mind. I’m so glad. Just in case, ya know?

    Power to the people!



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