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I spent too much time the other night bouncing from one blog to another–most of them UU bloggers. Some were quite wonderful and inciteful. Others reminded me of the rules the local CUUPs group uses. Which, when I’m not dashing off to work and have secured permission to do so, I will post here.  Regardless, the rules say you can’t say someone is doing something wrong unless you propose the solution…or some such.

In retrospect, most of the blogs I visited were thoughtful snapshots of current life.  Only a couple left me wondering how this person defines their UU identity when it is so obvious to them that everyone else in the whole world is doing things wrong and should they only do things as demanded by this blogger, well, we’d all be so much the better.  I guess there are many paths to God, but only one path to perfection.  Thanks be to God I’m striving for competence rather than perfection.  Still lots of paths there.

Ah well, tempus fugit. Must get out into the gray, wet, cold day, with memories of the California sunshine warming my shoulders and my heart.



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