Here’s a link to my latest column, about what it feels like for your children to have no idea about the ‘technology’ of your youth.



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  1. uumom says:

    Add this to the I’m old log:

    I was in Orlando, FL last week with a contingent from work, including the Executive Assistant to the President who was with me as we walked around the hotel conference area during lunch. I walked by one big room and heard a familiar voice coming from the podium. “Look,” I said to her, “It’s Bruce Jenner.”

    “Who?” she said.

    Later I asked her: when were you born? Same year I graduated from high school.

    Ouch. I’m really old.


  2. Lizard Eater says:

    My son, holding up an LP record: “That’s the biggest CD I’ve ever seen!”

    Ouch. I’m old.


  3. uumom says:

    Twenty-five! Now I really feel old. I think we have the last van in the world with a cassette player in it (and its a 2005!).

    Thanks for sharing that,


  4. h sofia says:

    I enjoyed reading that. =)

    My brother’s step-daughter surprised him when he caught her lying on the floor of a relative’s house, fiddling with cassette player. She kept popping open and closing the doors of the cassette holder with a puzzled look on her face. He could hear her muttering, “It’s too small to hold a video ….” He interrupted her to say, “It’s a cassette player!” She looked at him blankly. “What’s a cassette?”

    She’s 11 years old! My brother, who is 25, told me, “Oh my god; I felt soo old!”

    So you don’t even have to be old to feel old these days – one of the remarkable things about technology is how quickly it changes!


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