I’m supposed to be off work on Friday, but a meeting was called and my presence was requested, so I traded up today for tomorrow. It is a blessing, sort of. Because tonight is the day middle daughter goes to a special French Horn meeting with an accompianist for her solo in the BIG MUSIC COMPETITION. I try not to scream when I type, and that is not what I mean to do. I mean to place great emPHAsis on how IMporTANT this particular music competition is in the life of my children, in the life of every child who ever touched an instrument not organically attached to them.

I get troubled at times at how I am supposed to take everything as if it is IMPORTANT. Not troubled: worn out.  Don’t you?  I mean, if everything is IMPORTANT how do we discern what really matters.

I’m angry.  I should never write when I’m angry. Or, I should always write when I’m angry.  I suppose we will find out.

I spent a good part of the first hour of my day wading through some really great pieces of writing and video, all links sent to me by Sandi, who needs a blog of her own, but that’s another story.  Most of them were about the wrong-headedness of our current president (with hopes to make him our former president sooner, rather than later).  But, they made me angry. Almost as angry as the 10 seconds of Hannity I allowed myself to glimpse as I tried to trot by Fox News in my search for something on television that would neither make my brain wither up even further nor make my head ache with anger.  And I came across this pompous ass asking a question of a woman speaking out against the “surge” that was the kind of question we don’t allow in a court of law, let alone by a real and true jounalist.  It was one of those “when did you stop beating your wife” questions and I’d link it here but that would require me to search through the Faux News site and I just can’t, won’t go there.

Basically he asked the woman, and I paraphrase (so don’t some rabid red-dog come at me as misquoting because I’m not): So you don’t believe that our men and women in the armed services can win this war, you don’t believe in them or their ability to get this job done.  Oh, and Ann Coulter (Ann Coulter=A.C.= Anti Christ, am I alone in this observation?) was in the middle of the three-way split screen, smirking insipidly.  So, forgive me if I didn’t stick around to view anymore.  I couldn’t listen to one more bully with a tv show shouting us all toward Armageddon.

It was a bad day, all around, yesterday. This was the last thing I needed to watch.  Luckily, I eventually found Keith Olberman and while it didn’t make me feel like the world was veering away from the path to Armageddon, it made me feel better that there is at least one intelligent, insightful, person on television who is able to view the world from a larger context and understands exactly how a Democratic nation should act. Period.

Which leads me to Lizard Eater’s post about special bathrooms for blind transgendered folk (okay, that’s not exactly it, but read it here) and it makes me wonder about us UUs a whole lot.  Don’t get me wrong, (or get me wrong, just so long as you get me), I get it.  I get that we need to be welcoming to all people and it is important to facilitate making people feel welcome by providing them with a place to pee (whether they do it standing or sitting or whatever).  I get it in my bones, I get it.  And yet, there’s a part of me that just feels like our member congregations are “fiddling in parlor.”  We’re doing it at our church, too, so worried about maintaining the status quo we forget what church life is supposed to be for, what it can be for. 

Living the religious life is supposed to be about living differently and making the world better? Isn’t it? Isn’t it about using our collective voice and action to create the change we wish to see? 

And yes, that can start with providing a minority population with a safe place to pee.  But let me ask you this (and if you are a transgender folk, enlighten me if I totally miss it): if you can’t pee (or whatever) comfortably in a UU church without a special bathroom set aside for you, isn’t this the wrong place for all of us?

As Lizard Eater says, we just aren’t seeing the forest for the trees.  And the forest, my dear UU friends, is coming to get us. It is turning the world dark again, extinguishing the light of reason, the light of justice, the light of truth, the light of freedom.

Let’s light up the forest again. Let’s stop fiddling around with the IMPORTANT things and pay attention to all the little and big things that are happening to us in the name of “protecting our Democratic way of life.”  I can’t think of anything more important right now, for me, for us, for liberal religion, for our faith.


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  1. Lizard Eater says:

    YES, YESSS! Preach on, Sister. Thanks for putting the argument to what I could only froth at the mouth about. 🙂

    Light Up the Forest!


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