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The focus of my columns has changed from “family” to “television.” What has changed?  Not much, really, except that I need to talk about television in each column. I did this as an experiment and on purpose, but have found that it makes writing a little more challenging. Which, now that I’ve written that, helps clarify that it probably was a good thing…to change things up and be forced to do the same thing only different.

So, what could be challenging about writing about television?  I mean, it’s television, right?  Perhaps that’s it.  We like to think it is simple and for simpletons, so where could the challenge be.

My dad asked about my columns because I hadn’t sent them out in a while.  I told him I was writing about television now and his response was: “well, then don’t send them. I don’t have any interest in television reviews.”  So  I need to send them so he sees that they aren’t reviews, but simply how television fits in our lives, right now.

I’ll post them here, perhaps.  But here’s what else is going on: I’m missing out on those non-tv related moments I used to write about and I’m not taking the time to write about them.  Like this: I caught my darling 8-year shoplifting yesterday.  How does that fit in to a tv-related column. It doesn’t.  Maybe it will.  Who knows. 

But I’m not writing about it … or am I?


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