I wonder …

It occurred to me as I watched Keith Olbermann’s reporting on the sudden death of Anna Nicole Smith: what if the media paid this much attention to each death in Iraq?

Okay, let’s start with the U.S. soldiers, because the deaths of all thos Iraqis would just be too much for us Americans to handle. But what if, with every death of a US soldier, we were subject to round-the-clock analysis of what the soldier was doing just before the death?  What if, after each death, a bevy of reporters stood in front of the site of the killing and asked the same questions, gave the same details, and kept the camera rolling for hours on end, in hopes of getting something, anything?

What if each death was given this kind of attention, each flag-draped coffin viewed for hous on end, for days on end, with endless photos of the dead soldier smiling, cuddling a loved one, being alive?

What if the media turned its attention to the deaths of people who did what they were supposed to do, what they enlisted to do, with honor?

What if the air waves were saturated with the faces of not only the 3100+ who died, but the thousands on thousands who have come home wounded not only physically, but emotionally, spiritually?

I wonder … do you?


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