Each day has a brilliance

“Each day has a brilliance …” those were the lines tossing about the interior of my brain as I woke this a.m.  And so I came out in the cold, quiet morning, to write it down. But I did not come straight from bed to writing implement–I plunged a toilet, opened “new food” for the cats, made coffee, and started the dishwasher I neglected to start last night. And so here is a poem that came from all that.  I invite you to write your own … Each day has a brilliance … come on, join me … 

Each day has a brilliance
even these days, dull as
cold with a wind as mean
as Casey what’s her name
who cut me down and off with
just a narrowing
of her eyes, blue and cruel,
paired with a flipping of that long
golden hair I always
wished were mine.

Each day has a brilliance
not its own, but ours
to see, to magnify
Should only we choose

to open our own narrow eyes
and let light in
long enough to warm us
and cast it back out, again

Not as a Casey what’s her name 
death ray
but as a lifeline,
connecting, always connecting
one to

even me
to Casey what’s her name.


About TinaLBPorter

I write poetry and blog at www.tinalbporter.com. And I'm thrilled to be writing with you.
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