Silent Scream of the Primal Atom

I’m in the dumps over Darwin day.  I’m sure it is done differently in other congregations, but at ours?  Well, I won’t go into details.  I want to be inspired about creation and evolution at the same time, because I find them both fascinating. And, by creation, I don’t mean the literal Biblical interpretation, though I like that story very much.

I think we can assume in our congregations that no one comes to us thinking that the Creation story is factually accurate, and I think we can assume that people who come to our congregations have a passing notion of the theory of evolution and the importance of science. But can we assume that everyone comes to church thinking that they can only believe what can be backed up by evidence?

Here’s how I felt yesterday, as I sat listening to the sermon: I felt wrong and stupid. I felt.  There you have it: I felt.

I am not a wholly illogical person (though my husband may, at times, disagree and quite rightly).  But, I like to think I am wholly a person, which means, to me, that I interpret the world based on not just logic, but on emotion; not just reason, but also on the unexplainable intuition.  I don’t live in one realm and I expect that worship services will offer an experience to those of us who dip our feet in the waters of fact AND mystery.  And yet …

I’m fascinated by the science and by the findings. I marvel at all that we know now, as well as all we don’t know, about our universe, our planet. But I also crave a connection to that which cannot be wholly named, that which I am now calling the primal atom, that stuff of which we are all made–rocks and sticks, earth and water, us and them. That stuff flung out from a big bang that connects me to you and all others–even those morphing torti.

So why, I ask you, can a day set aside to honor Darwin not also connect with people like me, who think AND feel?


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  1. Jan says:

    I really like the concept of a “primal atom.” I have the sense that at some level we are all connected in a way that cannot be denied, primal atom explains that. Keep those ideas coming.


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