Just Being Who He Is

The cats joined me in the shower this morning, sitting on the edge of the tub between the clear shower liner and the fabric curtain.  After the shower, the larger, male cat sat in the shower to listen to the pressure from the shower being released in little gasps. “I think he thinks there’s a bird in there,” I said to my 8 year old, who then responded:

“He’s just being who he is,” and I was so taken by the lovely simplicity of the statement, so overwhelmed by my budding buddhist baby. Then she finished her thought “big and dumb, that’s who he is.” 

Ah well. The first part is still a lovely first thought for first thing in the morning. 


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  1. Sheila Downs says:

    Tina, I had saved “uuMomma” in my favorite places and when I went in to check it out, couldn;t remember why it was there. That’s how it goes these days! Went up to your webpage and there it was “uuMomma” again. Continued reading stories and the ‘cat in the shower’ one cracked me up “big and dumb, that’s who he is.” Loved this one. The Buddhist one!! Love to you. Keep on going!


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