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It has been an incredible week (and a very long one with 4 trips into the city) but I’m exhilerated with the project I’m currently working on–a promotional video. I’m working with two very recent graduates of the University of Chicago film school and watching them do what they love with precision and care has just been sheer joy.  It is a blast to work with people who are deep in the creative process and to find that their process is very similar to mine: let’s gather the pieces, and then weave together a coherent story.

But what I’ve also found to be really fun is watching these two young men learn about Unitarian Universalism, having known nothing about it before beginning–in a fury–the taping last week. Through a series of interviews, they are learning who we are, what we do, and why we are important–I can’t wait to see how that translates onto film.  I think all stories are love stories and this one will not be any different, even though it is a promotional video. 

It strikes me, just now, that I have watched these guys these past two weeks as they have received a whirlwind introduction to Unitarian Universalism–not once each Sunday for two months, but several times each work day for two weeks. Of course, their relationship to UUism isn’t the same as someone coming new to a church, as they are being paid to show up, but still, I’ve watched them grow fascinated with our creed- and dogma-less tradition; our acceptance of and engagement with differences in thought, practice, and style; our long history of making meaning for ourselves; and the (sometimes tested) love each interviewee has expressed for all these things, this community, each other.

This has been a long week, but I realize that it is the kind of work that sustains me–collaborative work with creative people about subjects that matter to me.  One of my coworkers noticed that I seemed a lot more peppy this week and said “you’re having fun with this, aren’t you.” Another said, “you get all the fun projects.” And today, this week, this moment, they are right.  But now, on to other, less-than-fun, work that sat ignored while I had fun with my other project.  But after a week like this one, it is much easier to be focused on what else needs to be done and why.

May the same be so for you …


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