Deep and Hefty Words from Ms. Kitty

I really loved this blog entry from Ms. Kitty.  Part of my pique is definitely due to her exploration of the idea of involuntary covenants, but more than anything it is the language she uses, her diction. These words are old-hat to ministers and people who grew up in church, but for someone like me who loves the sound of words (regardless of meaning) and absolutely adores a word that is rich in texture and nuance, well, I had to stop reading at “undergirds” for a minute or two and catch my breath.

Read it anyway (Mom, this means you!).  Even if you can skip by these words. There’s enough to chew on besides a really meaty word or two.


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  1. mskitty says:

    Well, you sweetheart! Thank you so much for your kind words. You’ve made my day.


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