Music for my soul

We got out of the sick house long enough to see Peter Mayer last night, and I just can’t say enough about this UU folk singer.  As much as I love his lyrics and music, I always forget how magical it is to simply watch him play his guitar.  Even though he has been battling tendonitis the last few years, he is able to strum, stroke and even smack that guitar to where it seems like part guitar, part harp, part drum–and more.  He likes to sing about “religious” themes, about science, about the blending of the two. His songs have given me back the word “awe” after it was stolen and mutilated in the first days of the Iraq war.  He sung a new song last night, called “Do you really want to know?”  He sings of how science has dashed old “truths” and poses the question at those moments in history you can call the before and after.  Before, when the sun revolved around the earth; after, when the earth revolved around the sun.

As I’ve said elsewhere in this blog, his songs are like a sermon–calling me, minute by minute, to pay attention, be awake, and live.  Mumps and all.


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