The Mumps: Is they is, or is they ain’t

May not actually be the mumps, but won’t know until we have a swab test.  Guess where we’re headed this afternoon?

So, here’s my question: if we find out they are the mumps, should I begin to be an advocate against innoculation?  My friend who lurks (bless her) and who I will not identify told me she has just decided not to innoculate her baby who very shortly turns 1 year old (oh my God is she the cutest baby ever–and I must say her vocal timing at the Peter Mayer concert was exceptional!).  She’s really researched the issue; I have not.  But my daughter “catching” the mumps after having her MMR seems to have sealed the deal for her.  What’s the point in innoculating against this?  I know, there has to be a point.  And yet…. you’ve got to wonder.  At least I do.  I’ll keep you posted…


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One Response to The Mumps: Is they is, or is they ain’t

  1. Suz says:

    Ah. We were wondering how this could be going on considering the MMR vaccine. Hmmm. Quite interesting. We’re staying tuned in for the outcome.


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