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Okay, this isn’t part of the Real Moms meme.  This is the fallout from the meme.  I fell into the mommy blogs hole.  Wow.  There are tons of moms out there writing about really good and important stuff.  It humbled me. But here’s one, if you haven’t heard of it yet: MomsRising.  There, I was able to sign a petition to urge the networks to stop the myth of the mommy wars (the tired old lie about how there is a rift between moms who work “outside the home” and those who do), and learned about other momactivism, and am wishing I’d been able to afford montessori for my girls when they were little.  It’s great community out there. 

And, just like in the UU world, the momblog world hosts a wide range of opinions about just about everything.  And, just like UUblogworld, mommyblogging is taking up WAY TOO MUCH of my time.  Not that I’m complaining. 


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  1. uuMomma says:

    Venessa: that’s what I like best about your blog. It’s not all about the mom, but about living a full life which includes being a mom. I’m excited about being introduced to the activist side of mom blogging. I’ve got you bookmarked, so I’ll be checking in on you! Blessings,


  2. venessa says:

    Thanks for stopping by radical mama, and for the kind words.

    Mommyblogging is a wierd thing. I guess I am considered “one of them” but really, I only blog about my kids 1/3, or maybe 1/2 of the time and it often when I am frustrated or feeling lost. I also blog about politics, feminism, education, gardening, my current unsuccessful job hunting process, quakerism, and remodeling my house. But I have noticed I get a lot more comments on my “kid” posts, because so many people relate and want to connect via parenting experience. So I do appreciate that aspect of it.


  3. uuMomma says:

    Idol time… we still don’t know if they were truly mumps or not…can you believe that? She’s better, face is back to normal (you would only notice the swelling if you really looked for it). But the results from the swab test won’t be back until later in the week. Dr. didn’t think it was when we saw him today, so, we may have gotten all freaked out for nothing. Thanks for asking!


  4. Kaleigh says:

    Now I feel bad for sucking you into the swirling black hole that is the world of mommyblogging. Well, maybe I don’t feel so bad. Because it’s much cooler than one would have thought, and hey, I found you, so that’s cool….

    And I’m about to head to mommy blog party time to watch American Idol with liveblogging. Because yes, my name is Another Working Mom and I am addicted to the internet.

    And mumps? Are they? Or just really big lymph nodes? I can’t hit “refresh” all day here.


  5. uuMomma says:

    Thanks, Ms. Kitty! I’ve been meaning to post on your blog, actually thought about sending you the sermon my husband gave at church Sunday before last, titled: We need to be here. Very much echoes the comments you made about looking out at a low turnout in church. Why do we need to be here, every Sunday, indeed. Thanks to you!


  6. mskitty says:

    Every time I come to your blog, I see the faces of your girls and I smile and feel good inside just thinking about your mothering of those young lives. How lucky you all are! Thanks for sharing your life with us too.


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