Worth the price?

Spending Spring Break cleaning up for our next garage sale and found this photo from our last one, must have been 7 years ago:



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3 Responses to Worth the price?

  1. Suz says:

    ROFL!! What a great photo. Thanks for sharing.



  2. Love the photo! Definitely worth the price. I recently had to sort through a ton of photos from when my kids were small people. One of my daughters uses old photos to make unique cards for the rest of us. A birthday card to her brother featured a rummage sale photo from a decade ago, with the two of them selling lemonade to benefit our church. My son had a name tag that read “Official Rummage Sale Person.” So many memories!


  3. Jan says:

    Can I have both for $1.00? or $100.00?

    What a treat to see this again. I am sorry to lose your column as I have appreciated it as a tie to you and your family but I am really enjoying your blog. Even if I don’t respond to each item.

    You were born to write, remember when I thought you needed some sport and we tried several, gymnastics, etc??? What I didn’t realize until years later was that your gift would be watching and writing. How special it is and I treasure each piece you write. Love, always.


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