Talk about your cathouse

Here’s what we got at the church rummage sale:


Here’s who we already have living at our house:

 tiger.gif  tibby1.gif

He (left) is warming up to the baby (7 weeks old today).  She (right) is not pleased. At all. As if there wasn’t enough drama in this house of estrogen…


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3 Responses to Talk about your cathouse

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  2. venessa says:

    Oh my! So adorable! Makes me wish I would’ve gotten a kitten instead of 2 cats.


  3. Pamela says:

    Adorable 🙂 I’ve been through the “new kitty” transitions a few times. We are currently a four kitty household. We rescued four kittens when we already had two rescued adult cats. We found homes for two and ended up keeping the other two. During the six cat stage the kittens created so much chaos that the adults just gave in.


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