Remember Emily Litella?

She was the character played by Gilda Radner who would do the opinion piece on the news update of Saturday Night Live back in the day.  The character was always mishearing things, and then coming out and ranting about the agrieved wrong, ie “What’s all this I hear about ‘busting’ school children?”  She’d go on for a while and then Chevy Chase would say, “Miss Litella, it’s ‘bussing’ school children, not ‘busting,’ bussing.”

Then there would be that fabulous Gilda moment when she would say “Oh, that’s very different then.  Nevermind.”

Well, one of the ones I’ve always remembered was the “What’s all this about violins on television?”  Classic.  Only I didn’t know how classic it was til the other day when I was driving in the car, listening to the radio, with my 8 year old.  Of course, I had on NPR or the local radio station and they were talking about “violence.”

A few minutes in, my baby says “Why are they talking so much about violins?”

I miss Gilda.  Thank goodness, she lives on…


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  1. Jan says:

    Way to go, Little One! I miss her and frequently remember one of her phrases.


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