Mental Health = Public Health

Just this question today: when are we going to get serious about Mental Health?  We have to see that the burden is too big for parents/family to lug on their own.  We can’t cut people loose, nor can we warehouse them.  It is a matter of public health, is it not?  Do we not all bear the weight of it–one way or another?  We can make treatment affordable and available, or we can clean up the mess left behind.  What do we choose, America?


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2 Responses to Mental Health = Public Health

  1. Jerry in Lowell says:

    Was it not under the administration of the Great Communicator, Ronald Reagan, that funding for public mental health initiatives was decimated? Between that and ‘trickle down economics’ a whole lotta people ended up on the streets. I agree that We, the People, should be doing something about Mental Health. Now if we can only get our elected lawmakers to do something about it too. Get in line behind cleaning up our physical Health Care dilemma.


  2. radicalmama says:

    Yesterday on Talk of the Nation (or it may have been Wed.) they were talking about the problem of treating kids throughout adolescence (almost over-treating them sometimes) and then dumping them into the world at 18, without health insurance or community resources, and being surprised when they can’t function. We can’t keep behaving as though treatment for mental illness is optional. Treatment is NOT a lifestyle choice, it is necessary.


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