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Mama G at Mom to the Left has nominated my blog as a Thinkers Blog.  She does a good job of explaining what it’s about (you nominate five, and then they nominate five, and so on and so on–and you get a cool thing to display on your blog if you are so inclined). MamaG has also nominated a few I would include (hat tips to Ms. Kitty, Sunflowers, and Peacebang), so I will nominate the following, in no particular order:

1.  The Journey:  Well, this is in a particular order.  I was drawn to The Journey early in my journey into the UU blogworld, and Lizard Eater has been an inspiration to me, and, though she won’t see it this way, a kick in the pants.  I remember reading an Anne Lamott essay where she finally makes fun of herself after realizing she has been complaining of a headache to a friend with a brain tumor.  Her friend, however, is kind and gentle and never says a thing about it.  That’s how I feel when I hear from Lizard Eater, either on this blog or in her own.  I mean, how much can I complain about my healthy albeit annoying children when I read about how she is putting one foot in front of another despite and because of her baby’s cancer.  And still, she has a wicked sense of humor and she writes really, really well.  Read her blog.  You’ll think twice, and then some more.

2.  RadicalMama:  Well, there’s stuff I thought I thought about, then there’s Radicalmama’s blog that not only reminds me, but kicks me into gear.  I first “met” Radical Mama through the “Real Moms” meme, where she questioned the whole notion of there being an “unreal” mom.  I really liked her insight, her wit, her being just downright real about what is real.  And, she made me think.  I liked that and I told her so.  She’s become a frequent commenter here…and I like that, too.

3.  Kaleigh at The Musings of Another Working Mom:  I think she and RadicalMama are twins separated at birth.  They both have great outlooks on raising kids and being women,  and being wives.  So check this one out, too.  And I love love love having contact with other feminist moms through the blog world (since I don’t meet many–or at least any who call themselves such–here in my little corner in Northwest Indiana).

4.  Surviving the Workday:  More great feminist stuff here, not to mention ecological and just-remember-how-to-behave-at-work stuff.  Like this one a lot.

5.  Okay, now I have to really narrow it.  This last one surprises even me.  But the idea is to tag blogs that make you think, and here, especially in UU blogworld, sometimes I have to think outside the “all liberal all the time” box.  There are a few conservative UU bloggers that make me think–whether I agree with them or not is of no consequence. That they force me to look at things from different perspectives is of great signficance.  So, my choices for this are: CUUMBAYA and Chaliceblog.

There are other blogs I like a lot that I go to as soon as I see they have updated material, but I just can’t name them all here.  I especially love the blogs of the seminarians who offer a peek into the strange world that is ministerial formation–and have especially been awed by those who are blogging about their search process.  What a hard place to be for them: not exactly congregants and not exactly ministers.  It’s a tender place to be and I’d just like to shout out to all of them how much I appreciate them and the hard work they are doing now. 

Finally, thank you to Mama G (and I wish I could figure out how to comment on your blog…I want to often but am not allowed).  I’m surprised and honored by the nomination.  Blessings….


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6 Responses to Thinking Blog?

  1. Kaleigh says:

    Thank you so much! Now I have to think really hard about my list!


  2. kinsi says:

    Thanks for the shout out! You’re on my list too, but wanted to watch for overlap from MamaG


  3. mskitty says:

    Isn’t this fun? I love it! Thanks to UU, Momma, and UU2, Joel, for the kind words.


  4. radicalmama says:

    Thank you so much uuMomma!


  5. Joel Monka says:

    I thank you for your kind words! Such notice means a lot to me- I’ll post my list shortly. Actually, we have a lot of overlap- Miss Kitty, Peacebang, and Chaliceblog for example… I’ll have to dig farther down my list for new names!


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