For the Pop-UUs

Aargh…what have I done? 

One of my daughters has decided to completely change her personality.  Picture Linda Blair in the Exorcist and you might come close to the fit she threw last night because … hell if I know.  Just the usual stuff–eat your corn, brush your teeth, don’t whip your little sister with a wet towel–sends this one clear into the dark side.

And so, to punish her — and, yes, these words did come out of my mouth — “No American Idol!” 

So, we won’t be watching it tonight.  I’m fine with it.  Really.  But, Kinsi? I’ll be lookng for your review and predictions tomorrow.

It’s okay.  Because I only have 397 pages of The Last Temptation of Christ to read before Thursday a.m. and that extra hour or two will surely help me complete that task!


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3 Responses to For the Pop-UUs

  1. kinsi says:

    and whats up with the non-elimination? whatever!


  2. kinsi says:


    No Idol? You soul-less monster!

    I actually missed Idol tonight as well (my Idol buddy with Tivo had a date. Alas.) – but I shall have a review up nonetheless…as soon as they get posted on video sharing sites. I’ve already heard Lakisha sucked and might be the one to go home, but I shall decide that on my own later.


  3. Kaleigh says:

    eh, now that Sanjaya is gone, what’s the point in watching? Because we all know American Idol is totally about the HAIR!!!!

    And what a wonderful book to “have” to read. It’s one of my all-time favorites.


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