So you had a bad day (er, week) …

Just spent the day with someone I hadn’t in a while: me.  Realized I’d spent too much time this week around people who focus too much energy on what’s wrong with their life/the world/their profession and I really needed a cocoon day. 

I really needed it because I so easily bend that way–okay, I don’t bend that way, I’m naturally and perpetually inclined that way.  So, I needed to be away from it today and intentionally focus my energy on what’s good.  And guess what: my baby just got home from school.  Let’s start right this moment.  Chocolate chip cookies, it is.

See you on the other side of the cocoon …


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2 Responses to So you had a bad day (er, week) …

  1. Jan says:

    Nah, stick with chocolate!


  2. Lizard Eater says:

    Psychic vampires! They suck the energy out of you, in an attempt to fill up what is missing in themselves.

    Cocooning a good remedy. Garlic doesn’t hurt, either.


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