School ends today

Just a quick note while my youngest stands outside, waiting for the bus on this, their last day of school.  And it is only a half-day, so I have precious few hours left before the mayhem and unruliness of summer begins and quite a bit of work to do, actually, before summer hits with gusto at about 11:30 CST.

Alas, the bus has gone, and here I am with a kitten gone wild and a mountain of work.  But it is quiet, and even though I just slopped coffee on a good*, clean t-shirt that I actually put on a hanger to stave off wrinkles, I am content.  For a moment.  Drinking in the peace like this morning coffee (what’s left of it, anyway).

I know I’ve done my share of pretending that summer is awful with those pesky kids around.  And it can be a long summer with lousy attitudes.  But I love the mostly unstructured-ness of summer more than I love anything.  Usually, though, by the time the school year starts, we are all not only prepared, but ready for the structure of the school year.  But for now, the girls are looking forward to bad** cereal, even worse television, swimming, reading whatever they want–and sleeping past 6:50 (for those who have a 7:00 bus to catch), and, most especially, not being told to go to bed (until we need them to for some quality spouse/alone time).

But now it is time to work before the screen door slams open and the desk-detritus-laden backpacks hit the floor. 

*”good” t-shirt as opposed to the ones I own and usually wear when I am working at home–covered in paint splatters from all the experiments in color here at our house.  Alas, even my “good” shirts are bad, now.

**”bad” as in nothing but sugar and air and some sort of carb that crackles.  The rule here: only on school breaks do I purchase this nutritionally void substance–it is the one thing my eldest daughter loves best about summer, I think.


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One Response to School ends today

  1. kaleigh says:

    Yeah, we’ve had a week of summer break now (almost…last day was the day after Memorial Day, because it’s just awesome to go out of town and return for one stupid day of school….but I digress).

    My daughter was 100% delighted that school is out, but my son has mixed feelings. He doesn’t have friends around the neighborhood like she does, so we have to try a little harder to get him some social outlets in the summer.

    But yeah, the unstructuredness of it is pretty great for a month or so. At least ours are going out of town for July, so really, we’ll just have the one month.

    Hope that coffee tastes as good tomorrow as it does today!


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