Belated Birthday posting

Ms. Kitty cracks me up.  Just as I’m sitting down to write about getting older, she does it faster and better.  Hope I’m moving that fast in 20 years.

Here’s what I didn’t say at her blog: for my birthday (also known as Labor Day this year, in more ways than one), I got the coolest present ever.  Okay, the present itself was cool, but the best part: the wrapping.  I never did take a photo of it, but I wish I had, so you’ll have to enjoy the written description. 

My present?  An iPod Nano. 

The wrapping:  buried deep in a big glass vase filled with colorful layers of M&Ms of all varieties (but the girls were smart enough to put the dark chocolate M&Ms on top so they wouldn’t eat them all before presenting the gift to me).  Oh, we were so busy that day and they were so eager for me to dig into those M&Ms.  I thought just because they wanted what was beneath the dark chocolate.  But no, they needed me to find my iPod before my sister-in-law showed up with my iTunes card.

Hoping to have my new iPod loaded up for the long drive to Portland, because my husband also gave me (us?) a wireless connection to the speakers so we just take the little old iPod instead of a stack of CDs.  I feel like I’m finally entering the 21st century.  And, since I figured out how to load music all by my lonesome, I don’t feel all that ancient.  Even though I am!


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3 Responses to Belated Birthday posting

  1. mskitty says:

    I like it! The crown princess, as it were, given a title!


  2. uuMomma says:

    Ah, well, then I am still the Mommalette, as my mother reigns as the Mommala.


  3. mskitty says:

    Well, happy birthday to you too, Mommala, as the matriarch of the clan has been known in my family circle. May your iPod be a blessed gift on the long road to PDX. See you there!


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