Is there a UU curriculum for the Theology of Potter? (official or otherwise?)

Here’s my question: in our small church we have less than 10 kids attending on a regular basis.  For the past 9 years, my two older girls have been in the same class.  We are trying a year-long experiment where one (and maybe two) of the two youth who attend regularly are going to mentor the three middle-school kids (three attend regularly, others may join on occasion), with an adult advisor, of course.  And, the youth will not have to do this every Sunday.

But, as we begin talking about this, and with the Potter story coming to a conclusion (and don’t tell me what it is because I have FINALLY been struck by the bug and am trying to get through books 4-7 very shortly), I wondered aloud if we might use this as a vehicle for discussion with the kids (as all three who attend regularly are devoted to all things Potter).

I saw a note on the UUWorld site about a UU church that did a camp and I’ll try to contact them, but I wonder if anyone else has used this vehicle with their middle-school kids?  Thanks!


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  1. My family & I attend MUUSA (formerly LGSAUU) every year. The children’s program has run a “Hogwarts Camp” (not sure what they called it) for the kids for several years. Shall I try to figure out who the professors were? I can steer them toward your blog – or whatever. You can answer via comment on my blog – I won’t publish if you don’t want me to.


  2. Alex Winnett says:

    The Baton Rouge, LA UU congregation held a week long Harry Potter day camp in the vein of “Study Bible Camp”. But…You Know…With Harry Potter instead.


  3. uuMomma says:

    Thanks, Kaleigh. Will do.


  4. kaleigh says:

    Contact the DRE at the Church of the River in Memphis. She developed a Harry Potter curriculum that we used for a day camp. It’s really good.


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