All I Need is a Good Cry and a Good Movie

Upstairs, the girls are watching Moulan Rouge and the soundtrack wafts down to me and it is enough to make me tear up for at least the eighth time today.  It started in the car, listening to the news and they replayed the clip of the Steel Worker at the Democratic presidential debate last night.  You’ve probably seen it by now.  The man who stood holding braces to talk about losing part of his pension and not being able to afford health insurance for his lovely bride of 36 years.  Then there was no news about the miners in Utah, but tearful interviews with relatives, and I wept once more.  Then I turned off the news and turned on Peter Mayer and I cried once again–not even sure on which song.Then I got to work with a few dabs of mascara still on my eyelahses and went into a meeting that wasn’t even a bad meeting, but I found myself staring up at the ceiling trying not to cry and more than three occasions and for no real reason.I just want to cry.  What was that movie with Holly Hunter…Broadcast News, was it? … where she planned herself a good cry every night at the same time.  Took the phone off the hook, locked the door and just sat down and did the ugly cry.  Maybe that’s what I need to plan tonight.  And every night for a while.

But here’s what I really want to write about: Go see Hairspray!

I mean it.  Are you looking to see when it’s playing yet?  How ’bout now?

I fell in love with John Travolta like I haven’t since he was Vinnie Barbarino.  I can’t explain it.  The only words that come to mind when I think of him in this role are “sweet” and “tender.”  There’s an absolute beauty to the way he played this role.  And when he had the number with Christopher Walkin, Oh. My. God.  Talk about your tears.  I was crying so hard, and then it ended, and I applauded.  In the movie theater!  I know: who does that?  At least a dozen other people in the movie did, too, though, and I cried again because the song was over.

Obviously, I’m a sucker for the musical genre and I’m raising three girls who have the similar failing.  We gushed about the movie all the way home.  Loved it more than Potter (which my older girls didn’t like so much, but that’s another story).  Loved it more than I have loved a movie in a very, very, very long time.  Loved it so much I want to go see it again….like NOW.

And this time, I’ll take loads and loads of tissues.  Maybe that’s what I need.

Are you checking the times at your local theater yet?

How ’bout now?

Updated:  I’m adding a link to The ChaliceBlog, where the discussion on the movie is a whole lot more in-depth.


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3 Responses to All I Need is a Good Cry and a Good Movie

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  2. uuMomma says:

    Yes. I groused about the casting at first, too (being a woman who could lose a pound or 50 myself), and wished they had considered hiring a woman to do it. So I was going to wait til it came out on DVD (that’ll show ’em). But then my daughters ganged up against me and I ended up going to the very cool theater on a miserable summer evening.

    Also, before I saw it, I heard an interview with the director about how the role has always been done by a man (Divine, Harvey Fierstein on Broadway) . Then, a few weeks ago, I saw the Ricki Lake version on TV, and the casting of a man in the role suddenly made sense–because it is kitch. Still, Divine was a large woman and I heard the HF had to gain a substantial amount of weight for the Broadway role, so the other part of it is “why not hire someone already overweight to play the role?” There’ve got to be a ton of overweight men actors out there, too.

    It could have been cast differently, that’s for sure. But I think the role needed to be a man playing a woman because that adds another layer to the kitchyness of the movie. And what I loved about Travolta (and all the cast members really) is that he played it like he meant it. And it was … amazing.

    I could go on and on, too, about the girl who played Tracy… what a voice! And she was up there representing for the big girls–dancing and kissing and the whole she-bang.

    I’ve added a link to the text above (cuz I can’t figure out how to do links in the comments) with much more about the movie and why some other people don’t like Travolta.


  3. radicalmama says:

    I saw the Ricki Lake Hairspray and loved it.

    I don’t know, it bothers me a little that there are so few roles for fat women (or any non-white woman over 35 who isn’t a size 0) in Hollywood and rather than give that role to woman, they gave it to a man and put him in a fat suit.



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