Today, a prayer, I think

Okay, God.  I’m listening.I sat in the sun and ate dumplings yesterday and the wind blew over and through me, much as it did that day I stood on a ridge near an old, old battlefield.

They are all old battlefieds, aren’t they God?  All the spaces we inhabit hold the old and new battles, the seen and the unseen. Those battles between classes, between races, between lovers, between parents and children, bosses and workers, even between friends. Those interior battles, too, I see, within the shifting, temporary walls that hold me in and in place.

The wind is the same and it holds that which binds us one to another, when we look, when we listen, when we feel. The sun warm on my face, the wind lifting my hair, the taste of plum sauce sweet on my tongue–you have my attention. And I thank you for offering me this moment of sight and sense and grace.


7 thoughts on “Today, a prayer, I think

  1. I’m putting together a service for Memorial Day at my church and I’d like to be able to use this. May I? (I know this piece is about more than war battlefields, but that’s why I think it would be good to use!) (And, yeah, I know it’s only February. I like to gather possible pieces early so I have time to think and rearrange and let the spirit lead…)


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