Two Kinds of People

With an hour commute each way, I have plenty of time to think weird things.  Here’s a small helping from tonight’s ride home.  There are two kinds of people, always:

  • Those who value perceived safety over “guaranteed” rights and those who understand that true personal safety is grounded in the protection of those basic civil rights outlined in our Constitution for everyone. Period. 
  • Those who wish life were a musical and those who don’t.  (I mean, either you get the need to walk/run/dance down a street belting out songs ala Ethyl Merman or you don’t.  And don’t dance down the gender/sexual orientation stereotype street for this one, either.  I bet straight men would sing in the streets as much as gay men and women if they just got over their own serious selves.  And, I bet just as many women and gay men don’t ever see look in the mirror and sing “I feel pretty, oh so pretty…” as do.)
  • Those who seek to be loved and those who seek to be loving.
  • Those who are stupid drivers and those are, well, me.
  • A subset of the previous: those who pass in the passing lane and those who lollygag, thinking it is their own personal lane for which they can set the speed, and well, me.
  • Those who think diet pop is worth the money and those who would rather drink their own hot urine (guess who decided to try Coke’s zero calorie drink today–gack!)
  • Oh, and those who call soft drinks “pop” and those who don’t.
  • Those who say Tim Gunn should be the voice in the magic mirror even (especially?) when the commentary ain’t flattering and those who say “Tim Gunn?”
  • Oh, and those who think about the world being round rather than flat and Sherri Shepherd (hat tip to Looking for Faith–I had no idea they were giving out co-host positions to people who not only didn’t know anything but didn’t think about anything as basic as the shape of the earth, either. I mean, come on, really.  I mean, really!)
  • And of course you can’t have a two kinds of people post without the following: those who divide the world in to two kinds of people and those who don’t.
  • Oh! And those who get giddy when they hear “Denny Crane” and those who say “Denny Crane?”  (Boston Legal premiere in 7 minutes….wooo hooo)

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  1. This list made me laugh! Thanks for the link to Looking for Faith.


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