Perchance to dream??? Forget I asked

So, again, you are clear about what you want, and you get it.  Yesterday I wrote about sleeping and dreaming.  And guess what?  Last night (this morning?) I had a dream where my husband was played by Tom Cruise (something that 25 years ago and for five minutes would have thrilled me…why not George Clooney, I ask?) and I was played by Cameron Diaz (somewhere under this Roseanne Barr  exterior, there is an inner Cameron).  Don’t ask me why my dreams are like movie trailers.  I haven’t a clue.  The really weird part was where Tom Cruise was looking for the right shade of “lip coloring” to distract people from his double chin.  I’m not making this stuff up, folks (oh, I guess maybe I am).  There was an alien who took over the world by making all the canines of the world wild dogs…with language.  Dog henchmen, if you will.  There was a part where I (Cameron) was wearing a three-tiered, pink and teal ruffled dress (fashion choices indicate a trend toward the 80’s and TC was still looking good), and we were on the roof of a hotel/restaurant building…like a HoJos.  And, of course, with TC, there had to be lots of running from the baddies (or doggies, in this case).

I’m guessing it was the sweet and sour chicken I made with frozen popcorn chicken and rancid carrots (among other things). 

Be careful what you ask for …


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  1. Actually, it’s a bit “Midsummer Night’s Dream”!


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