Friday Cat Blogging

This is what happens when you get up at the same time you would to commute an hour but you are commuting to your dining room table instead: Cat Blogging!

sophie.gif  I just love this little white patch on Sophie’s snout.  I also love what my middle daughter calls her “spotty stripey self,” but I couldn’t get her to sit still long enough for a cool picture of her body.


And this is Tiger, aka Mr. Bub, aka His Guh-largeousness.  Can’t tell from this, but he is HUGE!  And hairy.  And sweet.  Ah, my boy. 

tibby.gif And here be the queen bee, Miss Tibby.  She’s the lovely one who can’t stand to be kind. Except when she wants some lovin’, then she’ll swish her furry tail in your face, plop on the keyboard, and chirp to get you to scratch behind her ears.

Now, to work!


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2 Responses to Friday Cat Blogging

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  2. leakelley says:

    Your kitties are beautiful!
    Sophia has eyes like my cat, Isabel. (I posted a pic of her further down my own blog)
    What a great blog site for cat folks!


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