Saying Nothing … and so beautifully

I wish I had written this today.  But I’m not that smart. Or quiet. 

I’ve recently found Megan Young’s blog, the scent of water (how can you not be taken in by a blog name like that?) through hitting the random blog button on WordPress .  I was drawn in by the photos—my God, they are so gorgeous that they feel like dessert and the desert all at once.  But between Cupcakes for Breakfast (as a both the ends and means, I think, to world domination), and now, today’s post about Viktor Frankl, well, I can say I’m absolutely smitten.  Oh, and did I tell you she knits, too?

I’ve been in a deep, dark cloud all week and the weather outside mirrors my own mood.  So when there’s not much to say, and you find someone who says it better anyway, well, why not let her say it for you.  And when she can say it with photos, so much the better!


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