I’ve fallen and I can’t get up …

Do you remember when you could fall flat on your face and still jump up and yell “I’m okay, I’m okay,” as if nothing had happened.

Yeah.  Me neither.  My 9-year-old still has it.  Not me.

I was just thinking the weather is so gorgeous that I could take my laptop on the deck and write my sermon in the sun, except I’m still aching and hurting and mad at the deck for tripping me.  Mostly I’m mad because: 1)  I spilled the pop I really wanted to drink; and 2) I landed in that puddle and now have to rewash the jeans I just took out of the dryer and put on in order to go get that pop!

But now, there’s no way I can go sit on the deck because the chairs would kill me.  Not only is my hand throbbing from landing on it, but my knee is denim-burned and aching, and my lower back (opposite side from the knee, of course) is just starting to ache in a way that bodes not well at all.  Not at all.

Don’t ask me how this happened.  I was just coming up the stairs and fa-whop-slam-screech (last part actually emanating from my mouth), I’m face down on the deck in a puddle of pop.  And I can’t get up.  Thank God for small children with good ears who heard my scream (not to mention the fa-whop-slam) and came running.

I’m adding a Category to my blog now.  Call it Aging (old-fart-itis). 

Ibuprofin and heat wraps, here I come.

As soon as I can get up.


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4 Responses to I’ve fallen and I can’t get up …

  1. uuMomma says:

    Ms. Kitty: thanks, that’s a perspective I hadn’t thought of.

    kinsi: great to see you .. and OUCH! sorry,

    jacqueline: What I’d give for a bounce instead of a thud!

    All: I felt fine all day (had to do the sermon today) until we got out and walked a bit. Have been aching in some very strange places today. But will live.


  2. jacqueline says:

    I KNOW! I still bounce a bit like Tigger, but I am wimpy. I figure that it is the FEAR that crept in… terrible fear!


  3. kinsi says:

    IF it makes you feel better….I fell flat on my face bowling *with my boss* on Friday. Sure, my elbow and knee hurt a bit, but when he asked “are you ok? are you hurt?” my response was, I swear, “only my dignity.”

    I did manage to epic-hurt my calf though by slamming it into the bathrub trying to get in a shower that same night. Get in backwards apparently. It hurts to walk on it! Oiy!


  4. mskitty says:

    Weird things happen to us when we’re grieving, Momma. It’ll get better. It ain’t all age.


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