Of Pride and Potter

The voice in my head speaks with a British accent these days, as I’ve been listening to The Deathly Hallows on audiotape as I drive to and from work the past week or so.  Additionally, the girls and I borrowed the Keira Knightley version of Pride and Prejudice at the library last weekend and watched it over and over and over while my husband was out of town.  Oh, my.  Mr. Darcy, how you do brood and make clear your desire.  Oh, my. 

So, with Harry Potter and Pride and Prejudice twirling about in my brain, what fun it was to find this on YouTube—combining them both! 

More on Pride, Romance, and Anniversaries (our 17th wedding anniversary is tomorrow and I think we’re going to … Clean the Garage!) in another post.  (Honestly, I want to clean the garage so I can park my van in there again.  Really, I do.  And then I’ll have to pen a sonnet because what rhymes with Garage but Massage–if you say it with a really bad English accent–GAR-aj/MAh-saj.  And guess what: the garage was my idea; the massage idea, belongs to my husband who continues to surprise me each and every decade or so!)


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7 Responses to Of Pride and Potter

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  3. radical mama says:

    Happy early anniversary! I don’t look forward to big chores, but I feel so great when they are finished. It really is worth the effort. Are you in a wintery place? If you are, I envy your ability to park in the garage. Double that if it’s an attached garage!


  4. Oh – and I love the clip!!!


  5. Have fun cleaning the garage – and getting the massage. Happy anniversary!


  6. uuMomma says:

    Should have gone back to work full time ages ago!


  7. Karen says:

    Didn’t you mention that your husband cooked dinner twice, and cleaned AND vacuumed, last week? And now a massage??? You are a lucky Momma!!! 🙂


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