My last post on Mr. Darcy … maybe

So, after repeatedly viewing the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice and then watching all 5 hours of the BBC version–twice (oh, my Colin Firth does make a most excellent Mr. Darcy), I finally actually READ Pride & Prejudice.

Had I really never read this before?  I think I must have read a Reader’s Digest version (probably the Norton Anthology version), as there were things in the book that I knew were not in either movie, that rang familiar.  While I very much prefer the end of the 2005 version with Darcy walking out of the mist (oh, my, so ROMANTIC!) to the more book-like ending of the BBC version, I have to say that the ending of the book offered much more satisfaction than either movie.

I was talking with my older girls about it before I finished reading the book and said I would love to see the “sequel” and find out how the family reunions look once Darcy and Wickham are joined by their respective marriages to sisters–I even suggested we might try to write it. Then I read the book and it is mostly in there.  I love the recap at the end of the book.  It just feels so warm and familiar and not at all unexpected. Lovely. 

I finished reading the book last night, just as I went to bed and that’s just what I said to myself as I placed my glasses atop the book and turned the light off: lovely.

So this is it for me and P&P for a while.  I promise (mostly)*.  Still and all, what great companions to have (both video and print versions) while I’ve languished with a cold this last week.  But in the midst of it, I did tell my daughters they could get me any movie with Colin Firth in it for Christmas–even the one with Amanda Bynes–and I’d be one happy camper.  Of all the companions, it is quite possible he is my favorite. 

*I may have to talk about the influence reading the book and hearing the dialogue has had on me this past week, when I was required to make amends for bad behavior and did so with an eloquence that is usually beyond me. And then again, I may not.


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5 Responses to My last post on Mr. Darcy … maybe

  1. Yeah, my 19yo daughter & I don’t watch Shakespeare in Love together, because she’s uncomfortable watching it with me – and there’s no way we’re watching Love Actually together! CF was the guy Gwyneth’s character married – not Shakespeare (and I must say Joseph Fiennes is “fine” as Will S.!)…


  2. Karen says:

    Oooh, Shakespeare in Love – THAT was Colin Firth? I get it now…


  3. uuMomma says:

    We own both Love Actually and Shakespeare (which we watched together last week–I’d forgotten CF was in that!). Youngest borrowed Nanny MacPhee and I forgot he was in that, til we watched it. (has half the Love Actually cast in that). I’ve been jonesing to watch Love Actually, and wish I could comfortably watch it with my girls/parents because it is such a lovely, lovely movie, but for the nakey bits (which are lovely in their own right, but still…). Ah well, soon enough…


  4. Oooh, Colin Firth! Awesome in “Love Actually,” good in “Shakespeare in Love,” and surprisingly good in a little known film called “Hope Springs.” I like him a lot, too…


  5. radical mama says:

    Love the BBC version, but of course, nothing does the book justice. I was surprised at how funny Jane Austen is in her writing! I’ve read several books by her, and she never fails to entertain.


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