Cute things other kids say

Just beyond our backyard is the front yard of a Baptist church (if that sound tricky, realize we are on a corner and our house faces south, the church face east).  Each year the church puts up a big wooden nativity scene in their front yard–visible directly from my kitchen window.

My friend from church comes to our house with her 2-year-old a couple days a week to take my kids to the places they need to go and to make sure they don’t eat only candy and don’t kill each other while I am at work.  Today, my 12-year and 9-year olds took her 2-year old to visit the church yard and see the “tizzy scene” with the “baby cheese-us.”

Thought it was cute.  Wanted to share.

Oh, and said 2-year-old was, herself, just yesterday, the “baby cheese-us” in our church’s living advent calendar.


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  1. Jan says:

    Well, I won’t look at my nativity sets the same way again! Thanks for sharing.


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