Which is more beautiful?

Walking in the house tonight after church potluck to decorate the sanctuary and there are trails through the snow to the swingset, through the front yard, hither and yon and I wonder to myself, which is more beautiful: the pristine, untouched snow just after it falls where it sleeps, peacefully and makes my heart still; or the trampled upon, scooped-up-and-slung, rolled-up and sled-upon, scuffed-up by three (and some places four and five) different-sized feet that makes my heart pitter-patter with the vision of what it took to tear it up so artfully?

Which is more beautiful?

I don’t know.


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2 Responses to Which is more beautiful?

  1. jules says:

    When I was more involved in shooting photographic art, i used to gravitate to those types of scenes where a human presence had been. I love those types of images still. They can be quite poignant.


  2. karen says:

    Both. Thank you for the lovely visions.


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