Chasing one’s tail

I was just packing up my computer to go to work and the littlest kitten (fast becoming the fattest kitten) suddenly jumped up and started chasing her tail.  Diving at her tail, more like it. Five or six quick dives and then diverted by a large piece of paper. I started wondering on tail chasing, if only briefly.

On the face of it, it is pointless to chase one’s tail. And yet, the liveliness of the endeavor, the rapidity with which she alighted and pounced again. Pointless, perhaps, if the point is to do things only rational and only once. But life is full of the enjoyment of chasing one’s own tail (we shall not dally on the joys of chasing the tails of others as I sometimes fancy this a chaste blog–pun untowardly intended). But, it is only fun if we allow it to be. If we suppose purpose in each endeavor, well, there is none in chasing your own tail. Except the obvious: because it was there. 


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