The bad, the good, and the quintessential Darcy

So the down side of depression* is that you find yourself doing some really hurtful things because you lack the energy to do something healthy.  Last night I hit a return-new-low. I found myself alone with the remote control after ingesting hours of MSNBC election results, and began watching (oh this is so luridly awful I really hate to admit it): The Real Housewives of Orange County on Bravo.  If you are interested in doing yourself some serious psychic damage, I highly (or would that be lowly?) recommend this show about really shallow people with mostly obnoxious concerns–especially after watching concession and congratulatory speeches about things that truly could matter.  Oh, and be sure to have a nice hearty lager and a bowl of Salt n Vinegar chips, perhaps some chocolate, on hand while you do this.   (The irony of this show? the use of the word “real” in the title–but I suppose whatever putty they are putting in those consistently humongous breasts is actual ‘real’ material, just not real human material.)

The upside to depression is that sometimes you do things that make you happy, even if momentarily.  Like ordering this online:


It has been shipped!!!  I am days away from a Darcy-Firthy frenzy.  Would it be appropriate now to say “Squee!” if I were, in fact, the kind of person who would make such noises?

I’m counting on multiple viewings of this to restore the damage I inflicted upon myself last night with Bravo.  But I think it still requires a stout ale and a pile of chocolates.

*Dear readers: when I mention depression lightly here, I mean no offense or disrespect to those of you or those you know who suffer from severe clinical depression.  I find myself going through a bout of seasonal/situational sadness right now and do not mean to mock anyone with serious disorders, just trying to jolly myself away from my old pal, melancholy. 


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4 Responses to The bad, the good, and the quintessential Darcy

  1. radical mama says:

    That is absolutely the best movie version of P&P. THE BEST. Enjoy!


  2. MIME says:

    I love P&P. It’s what I watch when I need to escape or just be entertained.

    Well, since confession is good for the soul, I will admit to watching The Orange County Idiots too. It was only one night, but it was a whole string of them back to back. I know a lot of that is contrived, but even if a fraction of it is actual, it’s still too pathetic. I felt so much better about me after I saw that.

    As I get older (50 yrs), I feel like I have mastered what it takes to get through whatever is dragging me down. Sometimes just succumbing to it along with liberal use of comfort food, movies and music is so healing. Those crazy, funny teenagers help too.

    You take care.


  3. As I sit here, vegging out to a really silly movie (all my brain can handle right now), your Darcy-Firthy festival sounds like a lot of fun!


  4. Lizard Eater says:

    Squeee! He is the ONLY Mr. Darcy.


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