Choked up

I’m sad that Richardson has decided to pull out of the presidential race.  I think he brought something to the campaign and hope that he will continue to do so.

I’ve commented on other blogs that I am no fan of Hillary Clinton, but I have to say her choked up response (where no tear was actually shed) to a question has gotten so much play that I don’t know that I want to comment except to say this. Watch her response.  All of it.  This is, finally, a response by a candidate that strikes me as the truth I’ve been looking for.  Some have said that her response was because she was tired; others that it was calculated.  I don’t know, because I haven’t been able to watch the entire context of her comment.  Calculated or not, what she said is this: it matters.  What we do, who we are, the way we take care of each other–this all matters.  Weary or not, if I were asked to make a statement like that, I would hope that I choked up, too. It matters what we leave our children. I think it is worth getting rattled and choked up about.  It matters.  

Oh, and I prefer her tears to her cackle anyday of the week. 


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5 Responses to Choked up

  1. radical mama says:

    I do think she was being sincere and it was nice to see that side of her. But I don’t think she will take us far enough in the other direction to satisfy me. How I wish Edwards had a chance! All the democrats pulled out of Michigan because we moved our primary up and we are now being “punished.” It really angers me that I will have zero say in this primary. Grrr.


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  3. Jess says:

    I think the press has blown the whole thing so out of proportion that there is no perspective left on that particular moment. What struck me about it most, though, and the same for the woman who asked the question who ended up voting for Obama, was that she let herself be human for exactly 10 seconds, and then was right back on the attack.

    I don’t like her tactics, whether or not this “emotional moment” was calculated. Many other rather Rovian things that she has said and done in this campaign make it impossible for me to vote for her in any good conscience.


  4. jules says:

    i sit in your camp… I’m no fan of Hillary and I think that anyone (even Hillary) when asked “how they do it?”… will get emotional. Especially if the question is viewed as a metaphor to our daily struggles… our lifelong struggles. I think that is precisely why one might get emotional in thinking and answering a question like that… because it matters.


  5. mskitty says:

    I agree, Momma. I watched the whole segment, not just the one sound byte, and I agree with her—–it really really matters. I like her better because it matters to her, clearly.


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