Alone: It’s a good thing (today)

I’ve written about this before; I’ll probably write about it again because it is essential–at least to me. It is this stretch of time I have right now, alone in my house. Even though I am working, attending to the myriad little tasks that crop up in a week but get shunted off as I attend to the big ones, it is this I need–to be alone in my house.

The washing machine and the dryer are humming and drumming, respectively, providing a white noise soundtrack so I can do this, and do that, and all the other things that pull at me. But mostly, I am sitting here, breathing in and breathing out–regrouping. Alone.

It is a luxury, I know, to have this time. But it is also essential.


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  1. I have alone time in the early morning that is so important too. 🙂


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