I’m a Uniter

Not sure how I feel about this, other than I didn’t like the answers given to the first question (something like is the US your favorite country–its like asking a kid who has only tasted chocolate if that’s her favorite ice cream. I long to see Spain, and now, thanks to Jane Austen and a couple of English guys I work with, England, and Africa and, and, and … but I’ve only been here and parts of Mexico.  I think I drove into Canadian territory once or twice, but it was not memorable).  All this to say, my results may vary.  But it is nice to think of myself as a uniter, not a divider. (And even better to celebrate that we now have a President who has travelled abroad more than I have.) 

You’re the Transcontinental Railroad!

A true uniter and not a divider, you have achieved some great
things for those around you. Yet by bringing so many people together, you’ve
had to step on the toes of those even older and wiser than yourself. Still,
you’re regarded as something of a hero, perhaps even on a national level.
Most of what you’ve done is the result of pure hard labor. Though you have a
hard time admitting it, much of your success is also thanks to contributions
from China.

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