Serenity NOW!

Today, I wore the new pendant my mother gave me when I saw her earlier this month. She bought this white jade goddess on one of her travels, but we couldn’t figure out how to make it into a pendant because we feared we would break the goddess if we had to drill a hole.  Luckily, my sister is an accomplished wire-wrapping artist and was able to fashion a silver wire “cage” around it that is quite beautiful and just ornate enough to compliment the goddess rather than detract from her. (I’ll try to post a photo, but just don’t feel like getting out a camera right now.)

At one point today, I held the goddess in my hand and laughed a bit, remembering an encounter on Sunday with my friend Karen. She saw me enter the sanctuary as the choir was trying to start rehearsal and our guest speakers were trying to figure out the space and the sound system and I was late because, well, there are five of us to get out the door on Sunday at once.  Karen came over to give me a hug and saw the pendant. “I like your Buddha,” she said.  “Is it a buddha?”

“She’s a goddess my mom gave me,” I said in her ear as we hugged.  “I think she’s supposed to be the goddess of serenity.”

“Serenity NOW!” she said in an earnest growling half-holler.

It was just the right thing to say to me at the exact right time.  Harried, worried, more overcome with being certain everyone else was being tended to, I’d lost my ability to be serene.  And there was this Seinfeld reference–a very funny one, at that.

Let me say this about being a pop-culture maven: it’s moments like this that let you know you have found “your people.”  That she hugged me, was great. That she read my mood and was able to pull a Seinfeld reference out of her …. memory, well that was perfection. As perfection goes, it was fleeting, but it was perfection.

I love the short-hand that pop-culture references give us and let us identify our people easily, quickly. (Of course, I’ve known she was “my people” for some time, this just reconfirmed it.)  A quote like this tells you at once that someone gets you; they know you; they will help you understand yourself, laugh at yourself, and walk through the tough moments.  Well, at least that’s what “Serenity Now!” did for me. 

May you, too, find your people when you need them. 


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2 Responses to Serenity NOW!

  1. jules says:

    How did i miss this post! I love that episode of Seinfeld. And I think you’re right about how pop culture gives us a short hand of finding our peeps. This is one that I can identify with rather well also.


  2. Karen says:

    Wow! Another joy of finding your people is that of being comfortable with speaking instinctively, without having to analyze whether it’s the right thing to say – with the added bonus of learning it was just the right thing at the exact right time.
    Thank you!


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