Cleaning up

Inspired by Jules at A UU Deist in Texas, I’m trying to do a power clean.  I have a box of kid stuff for them to sort when they get home (half day at school, so that’ll be in bout 20 minutes) and then I need to get another box for all the paper stuff that has accumulated since I haven’t been paying attention to it or anything else lately.  In the midst of this power clean, I’m realizing the difference a day really makes.  I’ve taken a personal day to tend to all this stuff and I’m tearing through the house, starting a load of laundry and not worrying about doing two jobs at once (as I usually do when I work from home–throwing a load of laundry in between or in the midst of tasks).

I’ve never been good at compartmentalizing my life.  Given where I work and what I do, my home life blends with church life which blends with work life which blends back into home.  It isn’t a perfect system, but it is mine. 

Which leads me to what prompted my bottom to sit in this chair and declare in the midst of the power clean that I needed to post a blog entry: Even my power clean method is jumbled up like this.  I had to stop myself in mid-task and say FOCUS, as I grabbed a handful of stuff in the kitchen that should have been in the bathroom, took time in the bathroom to tidy up some things, then decided to put the toothbrushes and holders in the dishwasher which took me back to the kitchen where I found it was in mid-clean. Then found mail on the counter that needed to go to the mail stack in the dining room where I found books that needed to join the stacks in the living room where the vacuum cleaner has been standing at attention since last weekend, waiting for someone to vacuum the seat cushion of a chair we just repaired, and you know you can’t just vaccuum a seat cushion, you have to vacuum the whole carpeted room which led me back to the … kitchen.

Wish me luck.  And don’t even try to tell me about any cleaning methods or Fly Lady or anything.  I’ve heard it all.  Tried it all.  This is mine.  Messy and unstructured.  In the end, it works.  sort of.  Like everything esle in my life.  It works.  Sort of.


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5 Responses to Cleaning up

  1. jules says:

    you know… i think you and i must be kindred spirits of some kind. I’m the same way… completely unable to compartmentalize, extreme difficulty in organization. I was totally relating to the way your post flowed. As I read it I was thinking, “uh huh… yeah… of course, walking to the bathroom. Should start cleaning there now (even though you were originally cleaning the kitchen). Back to the kitchen… i gotcha. No wait, mail… yep, gotta rifle through the mail a little.”

    I totally get it.


  2. I’m beginning to just throw things into vacant rooms and close the door, myself. An up side to having YA kids move out… Go on, now, get back to work! (said to myself, too)


  3. mskitty says:

    Been there, done that—–many times! It helps when you finally reach that empty nest place and then you miss it!


  4. Jess says:

    Your methods sound so very familiar….


  5. jacqueline says:

    Go go go!!! It sounds like it will all get in the right place eventually.


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