The Knight is gone

I’m stunned and saddened to turn on the TV and find that, at age 28, Heath Ledger is dead.  10 Things I Hate About You is one of the only teen movies I actually like.  I bought it for my girls.  And he made The Patriot palatable for someone like me, who must watch it with her history-lovin’ husband each year around the Fourth of July.  But of course, there is A Knight’s TaleI wrote about it here; about how it works as a great New Year’s movie.  But these are only small pieces of his work.  He did good work.  He seemed like a good man.  And much too young to be gone.


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4 Responses to The Knight is gone

  1. radical mama says:

    I know, he was so young. It’s so odd when I hear of people my age dying.


  2. uuMomma says:

    I think you’ve hit on something I hadn’t quite, Anna Belle–about Ledger’s movies are a definite tie to the girls. A Knight’s Tale is, for our family, much what The Music Man was for my parents and us four kids. A definite part of the story of us, as a family.


  3. Anna Belle says:

    I grieve too — and like you it has much to do with my relationship with my daughters. Thanks so much for this post.


  4. jules says:

    i heard about his death about 4:30 this afternoon. You sum very much what I felt… stunned and saddened. I like his work that I have seen, especially The Patriot. I recently rediscovered A Knight’s Tale and thought, “he saves this movie. he’s gonna wind up being one of my more favorite actors one day.”

    quite saddened indeed.


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