Halftime report

Phew!  No wardrobe malfunctions on this crew.

Tom Petty rocks!


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4 Responses to Halftime report

  1. radical mama says:

    I was so glad to see a GOOD musician was chosen for the coveted half-time show.


  2. h sofia says:

    Damn, I missed Tom Petty? He’s awesome.


  3. uuMomma says:

    Yes. I’ve never been more grateful for the wardrobe to stay on. Reminds me of a discussion about Jack Nicholson I had recently with some people over dinner the other day–I won’t share details here, but, let’s just say a few people lost their appetites at even the briefest visual that conversation brought up.

    Was a good game, though I only watched the last half.


  4. Eh, they’re all guys slightly older than me. Wardrobe malfunctions would really be information overload, don’t you think?

    There aren’t many bands I’d watch part of a football game to see. But, Tom Petty continues to rock, as he has for a long time. Too bad the whole thing wasn’t reversed – concert, then a little football for intermission, followed by the second half of the concert.


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