Poll Envy

I’m so jealous right now.  I so wish I lived in a state that was voting tomorrow.  I would love, for once, to live in a place where the primary votes were decisive and not afterthoughts.  I’m watching all the bloggers get excited about the Yes We Can video (and the upside to having teenagers? I DO recognize some of the people in the video—yay me!) and writing this and that about him and her and I’m just so excited for all these people whose vote will make a difference.

I’m jealous.  But I’m also politically hopeful in a way I haven’t been since my husband and I spent our 2nd wedding anniversary at the arena in Phoenix as Bill Clinton and Al Gore joined hands on the big television screen and raised them over their heads in victory.  I remember leaning over to my husband that night and yelling in his ear over the roar of the crowd–we may be looking at the next 16 years. 

Don’t rest on hope.  Vote if you can.  For me, who has poll envy.


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8 Responses to Poll Envy

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  2. uuMomma says:

    Hi Elizabeth, and welcome. I’ve always lived in a state that didn’t matter. California used to be way too late, now they are a Super Tuesday state.

    And yes, Shannoon, it does make me feel better! Thanks


  3. Elizabeth says:

    Poll envy here too. I did what you did–posted that video on my blog, in hopes of swaying someone in a Super Tuesday state!

    That’s actually how I found you, through a site that’s showing all the blogs that posted the video.

    But this is the first presidential primary that I’ve lived in a state outside of the Super Tuesday states….and I’m now finding out what it’s like.


  4. Shannon says:

    The only benefit I see to this whole primary date fighting is that maybe we are moving towards one unified election day.

    I voted. Does that make you feel better? lol


  5. My state’s primary is later this month – and I too have poll envy. I will vote, early & absentee, later this week. I’m NOT missing this election. Dear Daughter #1 will be home for the day, we plan to go vote together – her sweetie has already voted in his own state.


  6. uuMomma says:

    Our primary is in May—I still doubt it will count. But how exciting if you are right, Jess.


  7. Jess says:

    It’s actually mathematically impossible for either candidate to lock up the nomination tomorrow, so this year, for once, *every* primary counts.


  8. jacqueline says:

    You wouldn’t have poll envy if you couldn’t figure out who to vote for. My daughter says Obama and my husband says Hilary… I am stuck somewhere in the middle. I have NEVER felt this before. I have always known who I would vote for.


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