On a Wish, Given Feet

Thanks to whoever pulled up one of my old posts, Of Melons and Mercy, because when you did, you reminded me to look at it again.  And I really needed to reread those exact words by Mary Oliver again.

I woke up yesterday with a poem? a prayer? a meditation? going through my head and I wanted desperately to write it down, but didn’t til much later in the day and, by then, I’d lost the magic.  But the idea of climbing toward Glory reminds me of it.  So I’ll try to reconstruct:

Bring it to me.
Your burden.
Climb up here on the mountaintop,
and I will steady you as you continue to hold
Your burden.

I’ll hold mine.
Together, we’ll stand, back to back
Two weary travelers, seeking
comfort, rest, company.

I’ll hold you up, and
You’ll hold me.
And we can turn, on that mountaintop,
back to back
Glancing both where we’ve each been
looking forward to where we’re each going

On a wish,
given feet,
called Hope.


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  2. Oh – beautiful. Thanks for sharing this!


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