Movie Night: Comedy on and off screen

Girls night in, husband out of town.  We get dinner at a drive-thru, come home and watch “Dan in Real Life” (for the second time, but after going to see “Get Smart” last weekend–LOVED IT!–was willing to see more Steve Carell).  Since it was still early and we still had lots of movie snacks left, we put in Moulin Rouge.

So, we’re watching it–mostly daughters one and two (ages 13 and nearly 15)–and then daughter three (10 in two weeks) walks in and starts watching with us.  She enters at the beginning, when Satine still thinks Christian is the Duke and is giving him a private “poetry reading.”  If you haven’t seen the movie, this is where Satine (Nicole Kidman) is way overacting, pretending that the “poetry” is having a rapturous, orgasmic effect on her.  If you have seen the movie, you know it’s full of comedy in-and-of-itself (overtopped only, perhaps, by the rotund Harold singing “Like a Virgin” to the Duke). 

Comedy aside, my littlest girl who understands it not at all and sees me giggling without sound and her sisters laughing as if they know what it’s all about, utters a gem that puts the whole scene over the top for me: “She’s sure having a happy tantrum” she says.

Have you ever heard a more accurate description?  I couldn’t make that up.  Nor could I keep it to myself.


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5 Responses to Movie Night: Comedy on and off screen

  1. But that would have been more Meg Ryan than Nicole Kidman! (“I’ll have what she’s having…” – please tell me you get the reference)

    Does your daughter know how unintentionally funny her comment was? Gosh, I’m giggling again, just visualizing the scene! I can’t watch the movie – M* took all her movies with her when she moved out.


  2. uuMomma says:

    okay, EBS: I think the more appropriate response from you should have been:

    A happy tantrum! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh. God. YEEESSSS!

    I’m still giggling.


  3. A happy tantrum! Yes! Thanks for my laugh of the day!


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