We are bright lights who somtimes shine through dirty shades.

I’m thinking of a Peter Mayer song right now, that asks the same question in different ways, and one of which is:

Could you be a siren
Made to raise your voice
But sinking in the silence
Afraid of making noise
Even though the enemy is flying overhead
Even though the fire is continuing to spread?

As they get ready for school to resume next week, and most especially as my eldest starts high school, I’m thinking of all the advice I would like to lay down before my daughters, all the things I want them to know, all the things I want them to understand. And then I realize that it is not in the words I use that they will gain the knowledge and understanding that I had hoped to have at their age.  It is in my actions. 

It is in the way I treat them, their father, the friends and the faithful.  It is in the way I speak about the people I work with, I volunteer with, I play with.  It is in the way I am with those people, especially when my children aren’t looking. 

It is in the way my own light shines–brightly, unshaded, falling, as they say, on saint and sinner alike.  Or, my light shines through the grit and grime of a shade tarnished by impatience, loneliness, anger, pain, entitlement.

How will my light shine today?  A valid question, each and every day.


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    Hi from the UUA! How do I email you? I have a question. Maybe you could drop me at line next week?


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