McCain: Rocking the Vagina Votes

I won’t say anything about Sarah Palin’s record.  I don’t know it.  I don’t know her.  I think she is, most likely, a lovely woman who has made some good choices in her life that have allowed her to live well, love well, and influence the lives of people around her.  I’m also terrified for her and her children–even her husband.  If they think they’ve seen the spotlight before, I don’t think they have any idea that the light is going to shine so far up their butts it will be shining out their noses.  Those poor kids.  Oh, except we’ve been told how beautiful those kids are (never got a real close up), so they should get a pass.  Unlike the little girl named Chelsea who was ridiculed for her looks at the age of 13 (hello, who doesn’t look like THAT at 13?) who turned out to be such a lovely, learned, polished young woman.

So I won’t talk about Palin.  I’ll talk about McCain being led by the nose by some really out of touch handlers who must believe that woman will vote for parts.  I said to my husband, “he’s going after the Vagina Voters.”  That’s it.  It makes no sense otherwise.

How insulting.

Man, would I like to have voted with my vagina this year.  But I didn’t like the candidate.  Other parts of my body vetoed the vagina–my brain, my heart, my stomach.  All of them said: this is not the candidate for you, this is not the candidate for now. 

Even more insulting would be for those of us who are truly wanting equality for women to now turn on Palin because:

  • She was a beauty queen.  (Why does this make her instantly stupid?  It doesn’t.  It makes her a woman who took advantage of a system that allows her to get scholarship money.  As much as I hate the practice of beauty pageants, I also hate it when people make sweeping suggestions that their is a shallowness to the women who participate.  For some, this may be true.  For others, it makes them entrepreneurs in their own lives, seeking the opportunities available to them, making the most of those so that they can then move on.  I have no idea where Palin falls in this yet, but let’s be the people who avow the inherent worth and dignity of everyone–even the girls and women who enter pageants.)
  • On a related note: let’s not get into her hairdo (though I already have in my head, wondering when was the last time I saw a politician with an updo when she/he wasn’t also in sequins, but I won’t do it again.  Maybe). You know Washington’s going to remake this woman in 30 days.  She’ll wear contacts and have a short bob before you can say “Barbie.”  And what, really, is the fun of this. If anyone’s going to cast aspersions on hairdos, it won’t be me.  But I can say, we won’t have to hear anything about a $500 haircut from her.
  • Let’s also agree that we won’t trot out the “she is a mother and that will somehow limit her ability to govern” crap.  Funny, no one ever brings that up first with men.  Knock it off.  Regardless of what her faith should say about the place of women and mothers, leave this alone.  Let us not get in the dirty wash tub and make it harder for well-qualified women who are mothers to take this job one day.  We cannot argue against her here and for others later (or now).  So stop it.

Here’s what we can do: let her stand on her own merits (and lack thereof).  She’s a fine woman with children who happens to govern one of the least populated states in the nation.  Let’s learn more and then learn what we can criticize her about.  But let’s lay off the criticisms that can and will go against the rest of us women who are leaders in our own lives and value the leadership qualities of the women we know. 

And let’s criticisize the hell out of McCain for making a choice that makes NO sense except as one to pander to the Vagina Voters.  Of whom I ask the following: This choice, was it good for you?


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4 Responses to McCain: Rocking the Vagina Votes

  1. uuMomma says:

    Yes, I’ve seen Bill’s comments elsewhere. I’m not all that interested in that conversation. But thank, for the perspective, Bill and Steve.

    Exactly, Jess. I’m just saying lets not attack her for being who she is/was. Let’s attack McCain for his blunder for thinking that any woman will do. Its as patronizing as thinking any man will do, or any African American.


  2. Jess says:

    Unfortunately, the things you’ve listed are exactly the things about her that make McCain’s choice so much more patronizing. He married a beauty queen half his age, too.

    If he’d picked Kay Bailey Hutchinson, who’s actually qualified, no one would be talking about her hairdo. But he picked a pageant queen from Alaska with about 2 minutes of governing experience, who’s in the middle of a corruption scandal and a half, the investigation of which will be concluded about a week before the election. So what McCain is saying to women is, “Don’t you worry your pretty little heads with politics, she’s purty and you should vote for her!”


  3. I don’t know if Senator Obama is a “machine” politician. I’m sure Bill will tell me that he is, but one must consider that Bill has voiced his dislike of Obama in the past and one must consider the source of these allegations.

    Keep in mind that we’ve had “machine” politicians in the past and occasionally they’ve turned out OK — e.g. President Harry Truman came into politics through the Pendergast machine in Missouri.

    On an unrelated UU note, I’ve heard rumors that the Unitarian Universalist Association’s denominational presidental politics has it’s own “machine” flavor. I’ve heard that we have our own version of “smoke-filled rooms” except the room is smoke-free and we serve fair-trade coffee instead.


  4. Bill Baar says:

    Anything experience on a stage before a crowd is good training for life and career. I’d never critize the pagent training.

    She’s got a record taking on a corrupt Machine in her own party. Obama endorsed the corrupt machine in Illinois.

    The comparison is really striking.


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